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Delivered Across Every Phase of a Project.


Engineering is at the core of everything that we do at Victory Energy and it is experienced in each and every boiler that we manufacture.  It runs throughout not only our engineering department but also to sales and project managers, many of whom hold engineering degrees.

Our engineers bring exacting standards to the development of a boiler in advance of a project.  It begins with determining the thermal design and size of the boiler.  All additional key factors are intimately considered – from steam capacity, pressure and temperature on through to the fuel requirements, the emissions ramifications to the environment, and lastly, the physical footprint for where the boiler is going to be in operation.

With all of these considerations fully understood and in place, general arrangement drawings depicting equipment dimensions and layout are developed to the specification.  This includes customer tie-in locations and details and overall design data.  The final stage of the engineering process involves detailed fabrication drawings that are critical elements of ensuring product integrity throughout the manufacturing process.

The experience of our engineering team runs deep across the organization.  Our engineers have diverse experience and talents that encompass the many diverse product subspecialties that Victory Energy manufactures.  This experience extends across the entire product portfolio – from industrial boilers and firetube boilers to HRSG’s and a new line of Vision burners.