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The future viability and success of Victory Energy is incumbent on vigilantly working to ensure the safety of our community and the public sector which includes all our workers and visitors that come to view our operations. This includes the public in the communities that surround our plant locations.

It is our belief that a healthy workplace is not only a right for every employee but also a business imperative for us.  We take every precautionary measure to minimize the risk of accidents, injuries and exposure to health hazards in the manufacture and shipment of our boiler and heat recovery products.

Victory Energy provides substantial safety training to all employees.  Training includes not only new hires, but also periodic refresher training for all employees.  Safety is taken very seriously at Victory Energy.


Victory Energy is committed to being a great company in all the communities where the company is located, at both the Collinsville and Cushing facilities.  We strive to engage with city and state leaders on all decisions that affect the community at large.

Operating in an environmentally conscious manner and providing employees a safe and healthy workplace, Victory Energy is fortunate to have a workforce that is virtually unmatched in the boiler industry that live in these surrounding communities.  A strong community makes for a better and more vibrant Victory Energy employee populace.