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Real Boiler Room Operating Conditions


The Victory Energy Steam Test Facility is a true boiler industry first.  It is a fully functional steam test facility where every boiler that the company manufactures goes through rigorous operational testing prior to shipping. Customers are assured that their boilers operate flawlessly when they arrive on site after testing.

Housed in the Collinsville manufacturing plant, the 6,500 square foot steam test facility includes a control room, equipment room and a boiler testing/staging area.  This enables simulation for real boiler room operating conditions.

Additional equipment in the facility includes a water purification system, dedicated water and gas sources, overhead cranes, two 100,000 lb/hour vent silencers, a Deaerator with provision capabilities for emission testing.

Customers are invited and encouraged to come see their boiler in operation at the test facility prior to shipment. This upfront testing is a real differentiator for Victory Energy as it creates real value in purchasing a Victory Energy boiler.

No company goes to greater lengths to ensure the quality and performance of its products.