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You’re Best Served by the Experts Who Built It

Ned Kaled, Director, Aftermarket Business


No one knows more about their products than the OEM, so why is it that so much aftermarket service and support are provided by third-party sources? The reasons are complex and far reaching – from cost to service provider proximity.  There are many service companies that do excellent work.  The list is long as to why this happens in virtually every industry with all types of capital equipment.

This well-entrenched paradigm needs to change from thinking about the OEM as the last resort for aftermarket services to that of being the first choice.  Afterall, who knows more about the product than the people who built it?  That is the compelling choice behind the reason to consider the benefits of aftermarket services and support provided by the OEM

OEM’s are constantly enhancing and evolving their products.  Engineering support doesn’t stop when a product leaves the manufacturing floor.  At Victory Energy, we continually capture performance metrics from our installed base of customers.  This information is factored into upgrades to our boilers and heat recovery products which is readily shared.  This learning is also built into retrofit applications during service intervals.  No one knows our products like we do.  You can’t get this in-depth level of “manufacturer” knowledge from a third-party service provider.



The price-to-value relationship that is derived from having Victory Energy be your aftermarket services provider is limitless. We provide boiler service experts who are steeped in not only boiler technologies, but also the ins and outs of VEO boilers.  No third-party service company knows Victory Energy boilers as well.

Our strong relationships with all of the manufacturers’ products used as vital components on our boilers allows us to source spare products in volume, passing along the cost savings to customers.  These spare parts are always in stock.  A fleet of rental boilers is available at a moment’s notice to help provide additional steam to your operation – be it in a shutdown situation or a requirement for more production capabilities.  These are compelling reasons to have a service and support relationship with Victory Energy.

To derive maximum performance out of your Victory Energy boilers, your service and support strategies behind servicing Victory Energy boilers needs to involve the combined resources of the Victory Energy Aftermarket Services team.  No one knows your Victory Energy boiler better; after all, we’re the ones who build them.  You’ll find the aftermarket services we provide to be extremely cost effective.  Trust the name on the outside to maintain the performance on the inside.