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Victory Energy – A Brand Built to Last

There is an adage to live by when branding a company and its products.  “Logos are what you see, brands are what you think and feel.”  The two are often confused or used interchangeably.  Brands are a true reflection of who a company is and the relationship that is derived from engaging with the company on all levels – from products down to the people on the plant floor.  It is far more than attractive marketing and communications executions.


At Victory Energy, the brand is always front and center.

Many business-to-business companies give cursory attention to branding, often relegating it to a simple communications and marketing afterthought.  That is not the case here.  At Victory Energy, the brand is always front and center.   The brand is an implied promise of what it is like to work with and for the company. It involves delivering an intrinsic feeling of trust that is always evident in every brand touchpoint ranging from concept-to-completion of the products.


With the Victory Energy logo visible all throughout the company, employees are never far from being touched by the brand.  It stands for quality and craftsmanship.  It pays off on the company’s value proposition of creating the world’s best boilers and heat recovery products.


Victory Energy has always been the game changer, the disruptor, in a very mature market.  The brand was an important element in the overall driving strategy to realize achieving a strong market position.  All audiences – from employees and supply chain partners, to independent sales reps and end users − needed a reason to believe in and reason to belong to the brand.  The challenge was creating brand awareness to demonstrate  how Victory Energy was relevant and appealing in a very crowded and mature category.  With awareness in place, brand recognition and, ultimately, equity followed.  The market now perceives Victory Energy as a key player in the boiler category.  The brand is here to stay.


Over the past 18-plus years, the Victory Energy brand has evolved to stay in lockstep with how the company is growing and changing to meet market needs.  The brand is taking on a more sophisticated posture as the world of industrial manufacturing grows increasingly more complex with the IoT (Internet of Things) on the horizon.  The logo steadfastly remains in place with the brand reflecting where the company is in its evolutionary journey as a business.  It’s a brand built to last.