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It Takes a Team to Build a Business – Inside the Victory Energy Firetube Story

In the mid-2010s, we embarked upon realizing a vision to become a preeminent provider of firetube boilers.  For years, the Victory Energy name was synonymous with industrial boilers and heat recovery products in the boiler industry.  We held a strong niche position in the firetube boiler segment – based upon manufacturing complex firetube boilers (1,500 HP and above) that required the extensive engineering talents resident in our Collinsville operation.

During this time, many customers encouraged us to become a full-line supplier of firetube boilers.  Despite being a very mature product category, there was a need for a game changer to respond to customer demands.  The decision was made to go all in with the manufacture of firetube boilers. It was a challenge that needed to be met head on – one challenge that the people in the Victory Energy firetube business embraced enthusiastically.

It required investment on the plant floor which involved setting up a dedicated PULSE #1 line to “pulse” boilers through our manufacturing cycle with competitive lead times to meet our rep partners’ needs.  The manufacturing team needed to buy in.  Talent was brought on board to satisfy the new engineering requirements for a full-line firetube offering. Drawings had to be completed for the entire line.  The success of PULSE Line #1 led to activating PULSE Line #2 this past year. It’s a direct example of how the market has responded to our firetube line.  They believe in what Victory Energy is doing and the product that we’re manufacturing.

A nationwide rep team is now in place and regional managers are on board to recruit and support reps. Education and training on the line was paramount. With reps being the lifeblood of go-to-market strategy, our regional managers are the face of Victory Energy with our rep partners. It has taken perseverance to assemble a strong network of sales representatives.

With a rep organization firmly embedded, and a strong product portfolio, it would have been easy to become complacent.  However, being a new player in the category we were expected to do more.  Our main area of concentration was to build out the product line.  Feedwater systems and vertical boilers were added in the past two years.  In 2022, the plan is to launch a line of VISION burners for the FRONTIER firetube line.  We implemented CPQ, a quoting tool that allows for quotes to be produced by our reps in a fraction of the time previously required.  Our goal is to become a far more important partner for our reps and supplier for our customers.  The dedication of the people behind the product design and enhanced commercialization of the FRONTIER product line is driving this incredible product line growth.  Our sales and application team is on the front line daily. The people of Victory Energy are the energy that drives the business.

It is apropos that the brand name for our firetube line is FRONTIER.  We’re always charting new horizons for the business.  Being at the forefront requires exceptional people – from the plant floor to the boardroom.  At VEO, everyone is committed to establishing the company as the go-to-source for all things firetube boiler related.  It’s Full Steam Ahead at Victory Energy with firetube boilers.

Al Wasinger

Vice President Operations