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Going All in with Firetubes

By: Al Wasinger

Back in 2016, a strategic decision was made to aggressively enter into becoming a full-line manufacturer of firetube boilers.  Widely known for the manufacture of renowned industrial boilers, Victory Energy primarily made larger wetback firetube boilers – 800 HP and above − that required extensive engineering support. This niche position allowed for the building of a solid reputation and following in firetube markets.  Frequently over the years, plant owners across many industry sectors asked Victory Energy to become a full-line supplier of firetube boilers. Based on this positive market receptivity, Victory Energy pursued developing a comprehensive firetube business which included both wetback and dryback products.  In essence, the business was borne out of the voice of the customer.  We answered the market need.

Although faced with a multitude of challenges, the journey has been a fruitful one for the business.  Being price competitive on lower HP range dryback units was a significant hurdle to overcome.  Our relentless drive to improve the plant operations through lean initiatives is continually eliminating waste and inefficiencies across the PULSE Line.  Firetube boilers are being pulsed far faster to meet and exceed the demands of our rep partners.  Continuous improvement is zealously rewarded.  We’re equally adept at moving 100 HP units through the Collinsville operation as we are with highly engineered and sophisticated 2,500 HP units.  These plant wide competencies allow us to achieve significant economies of scale in manufacturing.  We’re doing what competition said we couldn’t do.  They’re acutely aware that Victory Energy is a formidable player in the firetube segment.

Investments are being made far beyond the plant floor and reach into our offices.  While others are cutting back their engineering and project resources, we’re doubling down by adding talent.  This is especially beneficial when engineering acumen is needed to support the complicated specification requirements for larger firetube boiler projects.  As the market increasingly shifts toward using firetubes in broader application settings, VEO is well positioned to deliver on market demand.

Firetube Boiler

Our representative network continues to grow as more firms realize the benefits of selling Victory Energy firetubes.  Many have moved beyond the “wait and see” position and are signing on to sell/represent our products.  Since the inception of the firetube business, one of our main priorities was having sales resources in place to work closely with our rep partners in their trading areas.  Having manufacturer visibility is a true market differentiator.  Pricing configurator tools are coming on board to help reps quote projects faster and more accurately.  All are examples of the continued investments being made year in and year out.  Our reps are our face to the market and are the integral part of our go to market strategy.

Of course, I’m biased, but there is no better looking firetube boiler than the one we build every day.  Aesthetics are an important element of what we do.  It’s an important component of our concept-to-completion promise to customers.  Looks matter.  You see that in our operation – it’s a boiler facility unlike anything else in the industry.  Seeing is believing.  We invite anyone to tour our plant and view the magnitude of difference.  Be all in with us in all things firetube related.  We’re changing the way the firetube game is being played.  Full Steam Ahead.