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Boiler 2021 – The Time Has Come

Where would we be without steam?  So many aspects of our daily lives are impacted by steam.  Industries around the globe depend on steam to run their operations. It’s an integral element in making life move forward.  However, it is most often taken for granted.  This awareness and recognition challenge is one that the boiler industry has faced for years.  Elevating the posture and importance of boiler and heat recovery related products is paramount for the American Boiler Manufacturers Association (ABMA).  It’s why the association exists.  With many major industry trade shows, ranging from power and electric power segments, we’re relegated to providing ancillary products and services status to other power-related branded entities.   More of an afterthought, rather than forethought.  All that changes with Boiler 2021.

Boiler 2021 is a uniquely tailored show for boiler people, presented by boiler people (in Dallas, October 12 -14, at the Hyatt Regency).  Boiler 2021 is a boiler supply industry focused two-day trade show and educational forum.  It is aimed specifically at the end-user community, most notably, influences having responsibility for boiler room operations.  It’s grounded in the real world and based on what’s truly important to the boiler product segment – pointed and extremely relevant.  A working show rather than just a walking show.

The comment that ABMA members hear most often from their customers is not having enough boiler-related content at major trade shows.  It’s a growing trend that started years ago and continues unabated.  Companies are looking to boiler suppliers for more support and service across their operations. This includes the tremendous task of educating the next generation of boiler room professionals as more and more long-time pros continue to retire.  The ABMA and its member companies are gearing up to respond to these expanding needs with Boiler 2021.  It’s all part of an aggressive shift by the ABMA to align the organization around the real time requirements of all industrial and utility sectors.  End users asked for this and we responded.

Boiler 2021 promises to be a far different show experience. Several end-user plant visits are planned.  Installation and maintenance challenges will be discussed and dissected and will be a positive experience.  Everything is going to be real world and targeted entirely around the end user.  Attendees are going to be challenged and motivated.  Part of the Boiler 2021 experience is engaging with industry colleagues and sharing best practices.  Attendees are sure to immediately implement what they’ve learned into their respective operations.

As Chair of the Board of the ABMA, I couldn’t be more excited about what Boiler 2021 means for everyone that works in our great industry.  We’re elevating boiler and heat recovery products and solutions to the increased position of importance that is truly deserved.  If you have any association with boilers, Boiler 2021 is sure to be a can’t miss event.