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A Not to be Missed Event

John Viskup, President and CEO Victory Energy

Where would the world be without steam?  It certainly would be a far different place.  Yet, steam is often an overlooked element of many industries.  One that is often taken for granted as it is always “on.” Boiler rooms are critically important components of any operation while at the same time never truly being in the limelight.  An afterthought, not a forethought across many C-Suites.  That’s about to change in less than a month with the inaugural BOILER 2022 – ABMA Boiler Technology Conference & Expo (April 11th to 13th) in Dallas, Texas.

For years with many major industrial shows, the boiler industry took a backseat to larger industry segments and product categories.  With Boiler 2022, that’s no longer the case.  The show is all about boiler and heat recovery products that’s sponsored by boiler people – the American Boiler Manufacturers Association.  If you’re involved in the boiler industry supply chain, be it in a boiler room setting or charted with overall plant operations responsibility, BOILER 2022 is a not to be missed event.  While other shows are primarily walking shows, BOILER 2022 is a working show filled with sessions aimed at educating and informing attendees about pertinent boiler, burner and heat recovery subjects.  Meaningful hands-on technical sessions are planned to enable real life learning that can be immediately implemented upon return to your operation.

BOILER 2022 brings together the brightest minds from across the boiler, burner and heat recovery industry.  For the past three years, the organizers from ABMA have developed a show content that’s unlike anything that’s been experienced in the boiler world.

At Victory Energy, we’re excited to be a part of this unprecedented event.  Stop by Booth #500 to learn more about Sustainability Solutions by Design from Victory Energy. Advances in sustainability and carbon reduction are increasingly occurring in and around the boiler room. The boiler industry is driving real advances in #esg and #sustainability.  As a company and as part of the great boiler industry, we’re committed to leading the efforts in sustainability gains. It all starts in the boiler room.  Together we can create a better world for the future.

I look forward to seeing you this April in Dallas.