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During the week of November 13th, our new Steam Test Facility achieved a significant industry milestone with the full test under complete operating conditions of a 75,000 PPH Watertube Boiler with a VISION burner.  Bound for a major pharmaceutical customer in California, the boiler was put through all of their on-site operational requirements as part of the testing protocol.

The key plant audiences from the customer and California Boiler – the Victory Energy representative in the region – were active participants in the test.

The test facility allowed for the ability to generate and demonstrate capacity and other key performance parameters using the customer’s unique incoming gas pressure requirements.  The achieved results were outstanding.

The test results exceeded the NOx emission guarantee and demonstrated 25 PPM NOx with 0 PPM CO at capacity!  This was important to the customer as a SCR is being utilized to reduce the overall emissions to sub 9 PPM NOx.

“Our steam test facility is a true market differentiator.  The benefits that the customer derives from having their boilers fully tested before shipment are considerable.  It allows for greater predictability, significant reductions in field commissioning and far quicker start-up,” stated John Viskup, President and CEO.

Aggressive plans are in place to continue to fully test many boilers in the upcoming months as a final stage in the manufacturing/production process prior to shipment.