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Victory Energy Going Above and Beyond
COVID-19 Update ─ June 1, 2020

The state of Oklahoma has proceeded to Phase 3 of the Open Up and Recover Safely Plan on Monday, June 1.  Oklahoma is 36 days into their reopening plan with COVID-19 cases steadily declining across the State.

We are operating at full capacity throughout our facility.  We continue to be diligent in observing proper CDC recommended social distancing protocols and ensuring that increased cleaning and disinfecting practices move forward seamlessly.

The health and safety of our employees and anyone that visits our facilities is paramount.  We’ll continue to monitor any additional guidance on COVID-19 from state and local government officials and implement recommended best practices into our operating methodologies.

COVID-19 Update ─ May 5, 2020

Governor Kevin Stitt has reopened segments of the Oklahoma economy over the past week.  With that news, we are pleased to announce that many of the employees who were working remotely have returned to the plant. As an essential business, we remained fully operational throughout the shelter in place directive caused by the pandemic.

As of yesterday, 99.5% of those who worked remotely are now back in the plant.  During this challenging time, we were seamlessly able to deliver on our customer project requirements.

Our commitment to health and safety remains strong.  Each and every employee is temperature checked before entering the building and practice social distancing throughout the operation.  Our facilities continue to be cleaned thoroughly twice each day.

We continue to monitor all CDC advisories on both local and national levels.  The goal is to ensure a safe workplace while continuing to manufacture great boiler and heat recovery products.

Message from John Viskup
President and CEO

The world depends upon steam production. What we do at Victory Energy enables many companies to operate their facilities effectively and efficiently.  Steam drives everything and is everywhere.  We provide essential products.  We readily accept this responsibility to our customers.  We’ve always been there and always will be.  Our operation continues to remain open and manufacturing the world’s best boilers, heat recovery and burner products.

Doing this requires being a responsible company to all of the great employees who work at Victory Energy, as well as every customer that we engage with – especially when we’re onsite at their operations.  Health and safety have always been at the forefront of the company.  It’s at the core of Victory Energy.

We continue to be vigilant in the quest to ensure a safe and healthy environment.  We’re in lock-step with the CDC Guidelines for practicing aggressive social distancing throughout our facilities.  Where applicable, work is being conducted from home by many employees. Cleaning operations are being intensified.  No one is allowed into our facility if they show an abnormal temperature when they arrive at our doorstep.  We’re asking every one of our suppliers across our supply chain to join us in this effort.

Be assured that our primary companywide focus is squarely aimed at maintaining a safe and healthy environment to ensure that we continue our manufacturing.  This allows us the ability to deliver boiler and heat recovery products that produce the steam this country counts on.


What We’re Doing to Continue
to Serve Our Customers

All of our major initiatives to stop the spread of COVID-19 are based around maintaining a healthy and safe environment while in full operation.

  • We are continuing to manufacture product in our Collinsville facility.  The processes that we employ along the Pulse line allow for recommended social distancing in the manufacturing of both our industrial and firetube products.  Our production employees are distanced throughout the plant.


  • Our sales engineers and business development people continue to be on top of every project to which they’re assigned. Whether working in the office or remotely, they’re always available for counsel or to provide answers to your questions. Their commitment to your project is absolute.


  • We’re in close contact with our entire supply chain to ensure that the product we’re relying on them to produce is fulfilled, and delivered within agreed upon timelines. In some instances, we’re sharing best practice guidance with them on how to practice CDC guidelines within their own operation.  Our receiving department vigorously inspects and disinfects all incoming raw material and products.  Keeping our supply chain healthy and delivering product to us is critically important.


  • Our office team is working both from home and in the office. When people are in the office, they are spread throughout to allow for considerable social distancing.  Conference room meetings have been replaced with phone and video teleconferencing.  The temperature of every person is taken each time they enter the building.  Anyone having an abnormal temperature will be sent home and told to quarantine for 14 days.


  • We’re increasing our cleaning operations throughout all corners of our operations. We’ve always had hand sanitizers throughout the facility – we’ve doubled up on them.


  • Non-essential employee travel is curtailed. However, we are still available to support and service any client, wherever they may be located.  All of our external-based service employees have been instructed to follow published customer guidelines with regard to COVID-19.  These guidelines are reviewed and discussed before any Victory Energy employee enters a customer facility.


Our Promise to You

Concept-to-completion is the core promise that we make to each and every customer. It informs everything that we do at Victory Energy. We have great employees and great customers.  It involves implementing lean actions and continuous improvement initiatives across all facets of manufacturing.  Customer engagement is critically important.

You can count on us to deliver for you in this time of great unknowns.  We’ll do whatever it takes, while doing it safely with the utmost concern for our employees’ and customers’ health.