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Enhanced Oil and Gas Recovery

SAGD Boiler

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Enhanced oil recovery will be a major contributor to the future of U.S. fossil fuels. Processes such as Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD) will make accessible, the resources that previously have been too costly to extract and refine.

Victory Energy's SAGD Boilers are custom engineered with capacities up to 500,000 PPH and Pressures up to 1,500 PSIG. Packaged and Modular steam generators are available in O-style and D-style configurations.

While more sustainable and renewable energy sources continue to emerge, Victory Energy looks to support them and is committed to making the most out of our finite resources in fossil fuels. Jeff Coale, Vice President of Victory Energy, reinforces that concept by stating: “Parallel to the significant reserves of new domestic oil and gas North America continues to develop, we will innovate and leverage technology to maximize the productive use of the oil sands and all energy sources.”


Innovative Boiler Design

  • Unparalleled in-house engineering staff brings application specific expertise to every project.
  • Enhanced boiler designs to sustain enhanced recovery
    methods for oil and gas.
  • Improved natural circulation drum boilers.

Proven Efficiencies

  • Industry’s highest steam production efficiencies for refinement and processing applications.
  • Flexibility built in for thermal expansion during quick ramp rates.
  • Long-term reliability under the most extreme demands.


Advanced Technologies

  • Large furnaces promote lower emissions.
  • Modular designs supply the highest level of constructability.
  • Convective style superheater provides protection against
    corrosive fuels.


Engineered Solutions

  • Fundamental understanding with engineered solutions for today’s boiler feedwater challenges.
  • Full line of Economizers and Industrial-duty Air Pre-Heaters.
  • Thermal Oil Heaters and other secondary heat recovery equipment.


Complete Modularization

  • Modularization minimizes time and labor costs in the field.
  • Fully shop-assembled modules ensure the highest quality under controlled manufacturing processes.

Co-Generation Expertise

  • HRSG designs for all combustion turbines and process
    exhaust streams.
  • Multiple pressure designs maximize on-site
    power production.