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Victory Energy Announces


Victory Energy, a preeminent manufacturer and supplier of custom engineered watertube boilers and packaged boiler systems, today launched  as a thorough go-to information resource to help boiler owners and operators navigate the myriad issues and challenges they’re facing with Boiler MACT compliance.

With several different versions having been published surrounding Boiler MACT legislation  over the past few years, www.boilermactsolutions.orgis aimed at providing in-depth information about all the various Boiler MACT considerations and requirements from both Major Source and Area Source perspectives.  The site offers a comprehensive, step-by-step guide for navigating the complexities of all the Boiler MACT legislation.  A FAQ section provides detailed answers to the commonly asked questions that Victory Energy is experiencing regarding Boiler MACT.  A decision tree navigation component within the site graphically explains the various paths that can be taken to achieve compliance by the mandated compliance dates.  A Victory Energy Perspectives element guides owners and operators through the various methodologies for arriving at a Boiler MACT compliance resolution.

“Given the amount of conversation and discussion that we’re hearing from our customers, as well as feedback from our Rep network, it was apparent that the issue of Boiler MACT compliance was top of mind with many.  Victory Energy has always been viewed as being an information resource and thought leader about all things boilers.  It’s a part of who we are and what we do.  This new site,,is a demonstration of the commitment we’ve made to support all industries we serve with timely information and knowledge.” stated President and CEO John Viskup.

Plans are in place to continually update www.boilermactsolutions.orgover the course of the next two years with timely information and updates on all significant Boiler MACT issues.  This includes a “best practices” section that shares actual information for how operators are achieving Boiler MACT compliance.

Victory Energy is the leading single-source boiler supplier of custom engineered watertube boilers and packaged boiler systems.  Headquartered in Collinsville, Oklahoma, the company delivers on lean manufacturing principles against a vertically integrated concept to completion positioning point of difference. 

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