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Wastewater Treatment & Energy Innovations Powered by Custom Boiler Design Wins POWER Award.


Victory Energy custom boilers power award-winning innovations with Combined Solar Technologies.

Collinsville, OK – Victory Energy, builder and supplier of custom industrial boilers and auxiliary equipment, is proud to announce that their partnership with Combined Solar Technologies (CST) has resulted in the CST’s win of POWER’s 2012 Marmaduke Award for excellence in plant problem solving.

The inventive technology that won the award is a hybrid plant, built and operated for Musco Family Olive Co., which burns olive pits in order to purify wastewater while producing electric power. “The heart of the CST system is the SteamBoy brine boilers. The design of the boilers allows for the use of wastewater as a feedwater source without the normal fouling that would be associated with standard boilers,” said Robert Schmitt, PE, an engineer with Bibb Engineers, Architects & Constructors, who works on a number of CST projects.

The plant, which was recently featured on the Discovery Channel’s television special “Powering the Future,” opened in 2010. It was built in response to Musco’s need for a method of water purification that would help the plant meet California’s standards for wastewater treatment systems, but the innovation surpassed that request, validating CST’s concept of biomass fuel combustion in wastewater treatment. The SteamBoy brine boilers were manufactured by Victory Energy, and they allow the wastewater treatment equipment system to produce large amounts of clean water while making electricity, unlike conventional biomass plants that actually consume vast quantities of water.

“We are proud to be part of this groundbreaking work,” said John Viskup, President and CEO of Victory Energy  (VE). “Our company is built on four main principles: commitment, honesty, integrity and the ‘212 Principle.’ We take these principles seriously from concept to completion. We go the extra degree. That’s a promise we put our reputation behind every day.”

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