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Victory Energy Announces Expansion Plan


Victory Energy, a leading manufacturer of industrial boilers, has announced a 35,000-square-foot expansion of its existing Collinsville operation.

The expansion brings together two existing buildings that currently are used for the manufacturing of the company's full line of industrial boilers.

Pictured is the Victory Energy management team, Tony Basore, Jeff Coale, Al Wasinger, John Viskup, Sanat Shetty, Bob Williams and James Shults.

The expansion is in direct response to increased sales and fulfills the market requirements being placed on Victory Energy to produce far bigger boilers on increasingly more complex projects.

"Victory Energy has long had a great partnership with the city of Collinsville. We've  been able to thrive as a company here in the city. This expansion is a direct example of the working relationship that has been forged over the years. We look forward to many years of growth and success in Collinsville," stated John Viskup, President and CEO.

Expansion at the Collinsville plant location has begun with the construction of an L-shaped structure connecting the two buildings that are currently in place on site. 

The new section is designed at a height of 41 feet, allowing for the manufacture and assembly of larger industrial boilers, most notably GT-HRSGs. As part of the expansion, a second dedicated rail spur is being built to allow for easy access to the rail line that runs next to the facility.

"Our customers are asking more from Victory Energy. As we continue to recognize new market opportunities, it is vital to ensure that we have the right manufacturing footprint and processes to deliver on what the market requires. With the help of Collinsville, this expansion demonstrates the commitment that we're making to the market," Viskup said.

The expansion is planned to be complete by the end of 2015 and fully operational for all manufacturing activities. 


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