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Victory Energy was founded by John Viskup and Jim Sponder.Victory Energy was founded by John Viskup and Jim Sponder.

Concept to Completion.

In 1999, a small company began with a big concept: To set the bar higher by building better, cleaner, more innovative boilers with an extra degree of customer service.

Victory Energy started with a handful of contracts, and very quickly started to grow.  Within just a few short years, Victory expanded the product line to include package boilers and Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSGs), and acquired a second location.  Most importantly, we were developing a reputation for a more modern, visionary approach to our 100+ year-old industry. 

By 2007, Victory had become one of the top manufacturers of boilers and HRSGs for the ethanol industry.  That year, we established a strategic focus on diversification, answering the call from the oil and gas, utility, institutional, food, chemical, biomass, and pulp/paper industries..

One word, more than any other, began to set us apart: engineering.  We made the lasting commitment to add value to every project by involving our engineering department, looking for ways to streamline and add efficiencies.  Soon, customers were bringing us their projects earlier and earlier in the process, knowing that our engineers would make valuable contributions, from product development, to manufacturing, all the way through to delivery.

Today, Victory Energy has built a team of more than two dozen engineers, culled from around the globe – more than any other boiler manufacturer in North America

Our engineers relish a challenge. No project is too difficult or too obscure.  Whether it’s recapturing more than 1 million pounds per hour of wasted flue gas for a processing plant, helping a California olive company eliminate brine water pollution and use olive pits as an energy source, or engineering an entirely new solar boiler for a solar thermal power plant in Bikaner, India, there is no doubt that Victory Energy has become more than a boiler company.  Today, we are a global engineered solutions provider.

To ensure we serve our customers from concept to completion, we added two more unique services.  Our Rental Group is available 24/7, quickly and safely dispatching mobile boilers to customers in urgent situations.  And our Aftermarket Solutions Group is committed to improving system efficiencies by maximizing heat recovery.  We custom-engineer solutions for applications to yield an attractive pay-back and long-term performance. 

What does the future hold for Victory Energy?  You can count on this: We will always manufacture.  We will remain true to our original concept of building the highest quality and most advanced boilers on the planet.  And we will continue to innovate, increase efficiencies, and expand globally in the decades to come.