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Start Saving today

An Explorer® economizer from Victory Energy can immediately reduce your fuel costs and carbon foot-print.  Your boiler flue gas exhaust has enough energy that can be recovered economically using our custom designed economizer.  In addition to reducing fuel usage and emissions, an economizer, by pre-heating the boiler feed-water, allows the boiler to more rapidly respond to load changes.


Beyond Boiler-Plate

Victory Energy’s economizers are custom engineered for your application by our industry leading thermal design experts to maximize heat recovery.  Every aspect of the economizer design is chosen with the aim of providing an economizer that will be in trouble-free service for many years.  From selecting the right metallurgy for the application, the right fin geometry and tube layout, based on fuel and fouling concerns, paying attention to erosion, corrosion and vibration concerns, you can rest assured that our Explorer economizer will be the optimum design for your application. 

No application is too small or too big for us.  We thrive on an atmosphere of innovative thinking and breakthrough methodology. We carry this attitude forward as we work closely with our fabrication personnel and field technicians. In addition to providing innovative solutions to increase alternative energy production, we are constantly looking for ways to improve renewable energy technologies and maximize waste heat recovery processes.

Victory Energy offers a complete suite of heat recovery products
and accessories for all your applications:  

  • Cylindrical Economizers         
  • Rectangular Economizers
  • Condensing Economizers
  • Waste Heat Recovery Units
  • Thermal Oil Heaters
  • Process Liquid Heaters
  • Air Pre-heaters
  • Ancillary Equipment 

Cylindrical Economizer


Suitable for boilers ranging from 50 BHP to 100,000 PPH, our cylindrical economizers are ideal for firetube boilers as well as watertube boilers.The economizers can be mated directly to the round stack for easy installation.  Available in either carbon steel or stainless steel constructions, the Cylindrical Explorers can even be installed for vertical gas flow.  Economizers can be built to comply with either Section I or Section VIII, Division I of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code.

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Rectangular Economizer


Engineered to order for your specific application, our Rectangular Explorers can be designed for boiler sizes ranging from 100 BHP to upwards of 500,000 lb/hr of steam flow.  We can even design field assembled economizers for utility sized boilers.  The rectangular economizer uses high frequency resistance welded finned tubes to recover heat from the flue gas that flows counter-current to the boiler feed-water.  Victory economizers can be designed to recover energy from clean burning fuels like natural gas to fouling fuels such as coal or wood. The economizer is designed for economically optimum heat recovery with typical paybacks being in the months.

Insulated and lagged with a gas tight casing, the economizers will be structurally engineered to handle any loads transmitted through your duct work, stack, etc.


All economizers are built to comply with either Section I or Section VIII, Division I of the ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code. 

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Think Condensing!

It is important to note that the majority of heat content of the exhaust flue gas is “trapped” in the moisture in the flue gas .  Flue gas from natural combustion has approximately 11% by weight of moisture.  Each pound of moisture if condensed can release 1,000 btu’s of energy.

By condensing this moisture, the amount of energy that can be recovered in an economizer can be significantly increased.  This needs feed-water at temperatures below the water dew-point.   Let us evaluate your application to see if a condensing economizer from Victory Energy is suitable for you.

The cold sink may be either make-up water or a completely separate stream to be used elsewhere in your process or plant.

Boiler efficiencies reaching 95% may be obtained by adding a Condensing Economizer to your system.

Victory Energy can also provide a two-stage economizer with one stage (coil) transferring sensible heat to de-aerated feed-water and another coil transferring the latent heat to make-up / cold water.  Both coils will be in a common housing and can even be designed for vertical gas flow up.


Waste Heat Recovery Units

Victory Energy can design heat recovery units for non-boiler related applications.  Heat can be recovered from various sources, for example, gas turbines, cement kilns, diesel generators, etc to heat either a glycol-water mixture or thermal oil, etc.  Recovered heat can be used for a variety of applications including on-site power generation.

Our heat recovery units can handle inlet gas temperatures of up to 2,000° F. 

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Air Pre-heaters

Victory Energy can design, engineer and manufacture tubular air pre-heaters, typically used for combustion air pre-heating.  Rigorously engineered, the air pre-heaters are custom designed for your plant layout.  We can handle very high gas temperatures, up to 1,750° F with our refractory lined units.

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Ancillary Equipment

Victory Energy can provide a complete suite of ancillary equipment to maximize the value of our products. 

  • Duct-work
  • Transitions including D-type transitions
  • Support steel to elevate units of grade
  • Stack
  • Controls
  • Dampers
  • Expansion joints

In addition, our service department can install and start-up our equipment.

Our Heat Recovery Products are a vital part of our sustainability initiative and a part of the many ways in which we provide innovative solutions to maximize waste heat recovery.


Download Brochure (PDF)